Comparative Survey Methods

Michael Braun

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Survey Design and Methodology

Cross-cultural Surveys

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Michael Braun

In intercultural comparative survey research the quality of research results is not solely dependent on the quality of the respective surveys in participating countries, or cultural groups. The aspect of comparability of the individual surveys is thus given special consideration. To ensure the comparability of different surveys across the boundaries of countries or groups, specific solutions are needed at all steps of the survey as well as in the data analysis.

GESIS is currently researching in the area of international comparative sampling, the translation and adaptation of, as well as the testing of the intercultural comparability of survey instruments. Research and development in the area of comparative survey research is also conducted in the context of international research associations, above all, in the European Social Survey, in the International Social Survey Programme and its working groups on methodology and questionnaire development as well as in PIAAC.

GESIS contributes to the further development of the methodology of intercultural comparative social research in order to enable an overall improvement in the quality of comparative surveys.

GESIS research currently concentrates on - in addition to general contributions to the methodology of intercultural comparative social research - international comparative sampling, focusing specifically on translation and adaption as well as on the area of testing intercultural comparability of measuring instruments.