Instrument Development and Documentation

Beatrice Rammstedt

Survey Design and Methodology

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Beatrice Rammstedt

Social science data is generated using survey instruments. The quality of the survey instruments can be measured by whether they deliver reliable and valid data. Questionnaires are generally used as a standardized survey instrument for various types of surveys.

GESIS conducts multifaceted research on survey instruments using various methods, such as experimental studies, cognitive interviews or eye-tracking, for example. The declared goal of this research is to investigate the factors influencing data quality on the side of the respondent and the survey instrument, in order to be able to offer standardized survey instruments on the basis of these results. Our research in this area focuses on the design and validation of ultra-short scales for ascertaining and recording psychological constructs, devising question and answer formats, as well as formulating standards for collecting socio-demographic information.