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Survey Operations

In the area of Survey Operations, basic and application-oriented research is carried out on various questions of data collection and survey design. Topics include the design of online and mixed-mode surveys, data linkage, use of geo and paradata, field control and interviewer effects as well as interview training.

Research topics, which are investigated in particular on the basis of the GESIS Panel as well as the research projects carried out in the team, are for example:

  • Panel recruitment
  • Sample refreshment
  • Incentives and response rates
  • Nonresponse
  • Machine learning
  • Push-to-web strategies in mixed-mode surveys
  • Responsive and adaptive designs
  • Performance-related motivation of interviewers
  • Determinants of successful interviewer training
  • Identification of counterfeits in surveys
  • Determinants of Interview Effects
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Data Linkage
  • Response behavior and social desirability
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