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Visiting Researcher @ GESIS

GESIS welcomes international researchers as visitors. In addition to self-funded research stays at GESIS, we offer two visiting research programs: the Senior Research Program and the Junior Research Program. In addition, GESIS has established the Ambassador Program to recruit outstanding young scientists within the Junior Research Program. 

The GESIS visiting research programs allow visiting researchers to pursue research projects in collaboration with GESIS staff. We enable the realization of research projects that are jointly initiated by GESIS and its visiting researchers and/or that aim to develop infrastructure projects further.  

GESIS is an equal opportunity and family-friendly institute and strongly encourages female researchers to apply. 

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will also answer your initial questions. 

For general inquiries, please contact guest-researcher(at)gesis(dot)org

Our programs in detail: 

Individual researchers or groups of researchers interested in a self-funded research visit at GESIS can apply to their selected collaboration partners. You will be provided with flexible desk space, WLAN, and access to our library – and – cooperation partners relevant to your research project. Please contact the specific GESIS staff member(s) you would like to work with prior to your application. 

Our Staff - Interdisciplinary Expertise for the Social Sciences – GESIS 

Several European and national institutions offer research grants supporting research stays of international scholars in Germany, for example,  DAAD, Marie Curie, and the Humboldt-Foundation. Please inquire about and apply for these programs independently. 

At GESIS we establish international research collaborations and promote the development of joint research projects and publications. Collaborations with proven experts in the field can also aim to improve our services, expertise, and recommendations for good practice in social science infrastructure. 

The senior program targets established researchers. In general, we identify potential collaboration partners ourselves and approach them. If you are interested in a research stay at GESIS, please contact the specific GESIS staff member(s) you would like to work with directly. 

Our Staff - Interdisciplinary Expertise for the Social Sciences – GESIS 

We invite Ph.D. students and early career postdocs to come to GESIS. Visiting researchers of the Junior Program are involved in our research to publish with GESIS staff, and to develop research ideas and joint projects. In addition, visiting researchers can also be integrated into our services to build up specific expertise and get to know GESIS services and our data.  

Our departments have specific services and research topics they focus on. For more information, please visit the pages of the respective department. 

Our Departments - Research and Services at the Highest Level – GESIS  

If you are interested in a visiting research stay at GESIS, please contact the specific GESIS staff member(s) you would like to work with.  

Our Staff - Interdisciplinary Expertise for the Social Sciences – GESIS 

The application deadlines for our open call are March 31 and September 30 of each current year.  

Our first call  has an extended deadline until October 31, 2023. 

In addition to the open call, GESIS has established an Ambassador Program to recruit outstanding young scientists in the Junior Research Program.  

GESIS Ambassadors are international senior researchers who are active in a topic area of interest to GESIS. They promote scientific collaboration by proposing outstanding junior researchers from their network to visit GESIS as part of a research stay funded by us. As a group of external experts, Ambassadors help inspire and motivate Ph.D. students and early career postdocs to submit a short proposal on topics of mutual interest within the Junior Program. 

The GESIS Ambassadors are appointed for three years at a time. The respective appointment can be extended for a further three years. You can find our GESIS Ambassadors here.


Visiting researchers funded by GESIS will receive reimbursement of their expenses according to the “Landesreisekostengesetz Baden-Württemberg.” This covers travel (APEX economy class ticket or similar) and accommodation expenses (up to 95€ a night including breakfast). You will also receive an amount of max. 24 €/day to cover your subsistence expenses. 


GESIS has two locations, Mannheim and Cologne. The departments and their staff are usually based at one of the sites, so this determines your place of work during your stay.  


All visiting researchers organize their accommodation themselves. We advise you to book accommodation as soon as you know the dates you are visiting us. Cologne and Mannheim are popular venues for conferences and trade fairs, and hotels and apartments are often fully booked quickly.  


All insurance matters are your responsibility. Please make sure that you have valid health insurance for the duration of your visit. In some cases, it might be wise to have separate travel insurance. Inquire with your insurance company whether this is recommended in your case. 

Passport & Visa 

All passport and visa matters are your responsibility. Please ensure that your passport or other personal identification is valid for the entire duration of your stay in Germany. Please check with your national authorities whether and what type of visa you need to travel to and conduct a research stay in Germany. For long-term stays, you may need additional documents.