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CESSDA Training offers support at the creation, management, and long-term preservation of research data. Our offer addresses researchers and social science and humanities data archivists responsible for digital curation, data enhancement, and long-term preservation.

Sebastian Netscher

Datenarchiv für Sozialwissenschaften
Archive Operations

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CESSDA Training is a service offered by GESIS as part of CESSDA, the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives.

CESSDA Training promotes research data management and data curation in the social sciences, addressing the needs of two communities: research and digital preservation. The purpose of our center is to ensure excellence in the creation, management, and long-term preservation of research data. We promote the adoption of standards in research data management and archiving to support data availability, re-use, and the repurposing of archived data.

Our desire is to see the European research area producing quality data with wide and multipurpose re-use value. We want to help researchers, archives and repositories realize the intellectual value of public investment in academic research.

Our team offers support at every stage of the research data lifecycle, from conception to archiving and re-use. We design our courses and consultancies to assist social science researchers either in-house or in conjunction with other recognized organizations and experts from CESSDA.

We offer consultation andn training in the following areas: