Data Archiving

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The GESIS Data Archive received the CoreTrustSeal (formerly Data Seal of Approval) and is certified as a trusted digital repository. Core Trust Seal logo

GESIS preserves quantitative social research data to make it available to the scientific research community. All data are preserved for the long-term and documented to international standards. Access to data is free.

Some special large–scale social surveys (e.g. ALLBUS, Eurobarometer, EVS, ISSP, Politbarometer) undergo additional enhancement with extensive processing and documentation undertaken.

Here you can find information on the process of archiving research data:

  • Preparing Data for Submission: clarifying the formal and legal aspects (e.g. archive agreement), compiling of data and documentation, and ways to submit data
  • Legal aspects: Under which legal framework was data collected? Have data been anonymized? Under what access conditions are data available?
  • Ingest: inspection, versioning, assigning a study number and DOI
  • Processing and Documentation: describing the content and methods, metadata
  • Data Backup: archiving system, storage
  • Data Access: access categories, charges, portals
  • Long Term Preservation: The OAIS Reference Model; Trustworthy Digital Archives