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Phase 4: Archiving & sharing

In the spirit of Open Science, we support you in storing your research data and publications and sharing them with the scientific community. We support you archiving, registering, and sharing your data and publications on a long-term basis.

Transparency is an important part for good scientific practice. Only if the entire path of scientific knowledge, from data collection to analysis to interpretation, is documented in a comprehensible manner and is publicly accessible, can it be built upon and can errors be detected.

GESIS supports Open Science and helps to make your research results findable, accessible, interoperable,  and re-usable - in other words, FAIR. We make your scientific output accessible on the web for the long term. You can archive and share your social science outputs via our repositories.

Share your data for further use. Our data archive was awarded the CoreTrustSeal in 2017 and is the first address for archiving social science data.

In our data repository you can also share your scripts and syntax - for open and traceable science - Open Science.

Share your tested measurement instruments and make them known and usable in science as well.

In the Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR) you can find social science documents in full text, additionally you can publish your own publication there.

At da|ra, you can get a DOI for your organization's data and more information and best practices around Open Sciences.

Our Open-Access-Policy

At GESIS, we are convinced that quality-controlled, scientific information is the basic prerequisite for excellent research. Therefore, we support an Open Access policy for the social sciences and help scientists to make their publications freely available on the internet. Further information can be found in our Open Access Policy.