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Overview of our Consulting Services

We offer advice and support in all phases of the research data cycle. These range from particularly intensive project consulting for the planning and implementation of a survey project to support in research and selection of suitable data.  We provide consulting services in all phases of the research data cycle and on the following topics:

We consult individually in the following areas: Contact
Study Planning Survey Methodology for Study Planning
Questionnaire Design, Question Formulation, Development of Items and Scales, Social-structural Characteristics and Questionnaire Translation Consulting on Survey Instruments
Survey Design, -implementation and -documentation, Collection of additional Data Consulting on Survey Design and Fieldwork
Sample Design and Non-Probability-Samples Consulting on Survey Statistics
Survey Data Management Jonas Recker
Planning Studies with Trace Data from Social Media Dr. Kathrin Weller
Planning own DBD Surveys with Web Tracking & Sensors Dr. Sebastian Stier
We consult individually in the following areas: Contact
Suitable data for your research question Data Services
International data RDC International Survey Programs
Election data RDC Elections
GESIS Panel data GESIS Panel team
Access to microcensus data Dr. Heike Wirth
Access to European official data   Dr. Heike Wirth
Best practices for collecting existing digital behavioral data Arnim Bleier / Dimitar Dimitrov 
We consult individually in the following areas: Contact
Processing and Analysis of your data Survey Methodology Consulting for Data Analysis
Weighting, Imputation of Missing Values, Nonresponse-Bias-Analysis Consulting on Survey Statistics and Data Analysis
Ex-post Harmonisation of Instruments and Socio-structural Characteristics Consulting on Survey Instruments - Harmonisation
Processing and Documenting Data Data Services
Cumulation and Integration of Data Data Services
Linking with Context Data Data Services
Processing and Analysing Microcensus Data Heike Wirth
Processing and Analysing European Official Data  Heike Wirth
ALLBUS Data Processing and Analysis RDC ALLBUS
ISSP Data Processing and Analysis ISSP Data Services
EVS Data Processing and Analysis EVS Data Services
CSES Data Processing and Analysis CSES Data Services
Eurobarometer Data Processing and Analysis Eurobarometer Data Services
GLES Data Processing and Analysis GLES Team
Politbarometer Data Processing and Analysis Monika Langhans
Election Data Processing and Analysis RDC Elections
GESIS Panel Data Processing and Analysis GESIS Panel
PIAAC Data Processing and Analysis RDC PIAAC
Web Data Processing and Automatic Annotation Dimitar Dimitrov, Fabian Flöck 
Linking of Web and Survey Data  Katarina Boland, Sebastian Stier
Linking of Sensor-based Digital Behavioral Data (DBD) and Survey Data Felix Bensmann
Questions on Notebooks and Browser-based Analysis Arnim Bleier 
Analysis of Protected Data Secure Data Center
We consult individually in the following areas: Contact
Data archiving and publication Data Services
Repository maintenance and certification (CoreTrustSeal, data and publications) Jonas Recker
Research data management Data Services
Digital data archiving Katrin Weller 
Survey data registration Brigitte Hausstein
Open access Agathe Gebert
Copyright, rights of subsequent use, and secondary exploitation of publications Agathe Gebert
We consult individually in the following areas: Contact
Research data FAIRness Peter Mutschke 
Research data infrastructures and portals Claus-Peter Klas 
User-centred design of research data infrastructures Dagmar Kern
Search and retrieval Daniel Hienert / Philipp Mayr 
Information services Philipp Mayr
Repository maintenance and certification (CoreTrustSeal, data, and publications) Jonas Recker