Phase 4: Data analysis

Studies often contain various different types of data, requiring special knowledge beyond the usual methodological know-how. The newly collected data is usually compared with results from other studies to obtain an overall, complete picture of the research subject. We offer consultation and support for your data and reference data analysis as well as during the secondary analysis.

General Social Survey (ALLBUS)

Since 1980, representative cross-sectional samples of the German population have been surveyed at regular two-year intervals within the framework of the German General Social Survey (ALLBUS) survey program including investigation of social structure, attitudes and values. The high-quality prepared data are available in user-friendly versions.

Official Microdata

As an interface between empirical social research and official statistics GML offers instruments for the data analysis like setups and tools and makes comprehensive metadata on German and EU official microdata available via MISSY.

Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies - PIAAC

We give scientifically interested users access to German and international data from the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC). This international OECD programme for the study of everday skills of adults was conducted in 2011 and 2012. The survey was based on a representative sample of the population.

More data to analyze

In our data archive over 5,000 German and international studies, providing a broad range of topics for secondary analysis, are made available for secondary analysis. There you also find data from Historical Studies. At our Secure Data Center (SDC), you will be given on-site access to data that, for data protection reasons, require special security measures.

Research in the EUROLAB

The EUROLAB is the gateway to research stays at GESIS. The EUROLAB welcomes both international and national visiting researchers and research groups who want to work in one of the GESIS research fields and/or collaborate with GESIS experts.

Data Harmonizing with CharmStats

CharmStats offers you a quick and easy way to harmonize your variables and to document the process in a precise ad transparent way.

Analyzing Digital Behavioral Data

GESIS offers tools, code, and tutorials for digital trace data, e.g. for topic modelling, text mining for Wikipedia and sequential behavior.