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EUROLAB - Gateway to Research Stays at GESIS

EUROLAB is the gateway to research stays at GESIS. The EUROLAB welcomes visiting researchers and research groups who want to work in one of the GESIS research fields and/or collaborate with GESIS experts.

GESIS invites researchers to apply for an onsite research visit in our offices in Cologne or Mannheim to benefit from the wide range of GESIS services. In addition, EUROLAB manages an Alumni Network. The Alumni Network connects previous researchers from top institutions all around the world and keeps its members informed about new grants and important events within EUROLAB and GESIS.

GESIS offers two grant programs to the academic community: GESIS Grants and EUROLAB Grants, for which applications are accepted twice a year. Applications for self-funded stays are accepted all year round.

Should you have further queries, please email the EUROLAB staff at eurolab[at]gesis.org.

The call for EUROLAB Grant is now open - deadline is November 30th 2017.
For further information on the application process, please see here.

  Name E-Mail Telefon vCard
Ingvill C. Mochmann Ingvill C. Mochmann
(Head of EUROLAB)
E-Mail +49 (221) 47694-570 vCard
Spyridoula (Roula) Nezi Spyridoula (Roula) Nezi
(Postdoctoral Researcher)
E-Mail +49 (221) 47694-579 vCard
Heidi Schulze Heidi Schulze
(Doctoral Researcher)
E-Mail +49 (221) 47694-572 vCard
Jasmin Arenz Jasmin Arenz
(Administration Cologne)
E-Mail +49 (221) 47694-103 vCard
Carina Behling
(Administration Mannheim)
E-Mail +49 (621) 1246-172 vCard

Prof. Dr. Ingvill C. Mochmann, for CV see here.
Dr. Spyridoula (Roula) Nezi
, for CV see here.
Heidi Schulze (M.A.)
, for CV see here.
Andrea Mecke
l (B.Sc.), Research Assistant, E-mail
Munir Adi
(B.A.), Research Assistant, E-mail

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