About the EUROLAB


The EUROLAB was founded as a research lab by Ekkehard Mochmann in 1996 to promote the integration of the European data base and to significantly improve data access for international comparative research. Emphasis was on well assisted access to the holdings of the GESIS Data Archive and its partners in the European Data Archive network (CESSDA). EUROLAB was supported by the European Commission within the 4th, 5th, and 6th Framework Programs. It is recognized as high level research infrastructure supporting international comparative research in the social sciences and was institutionalised at GESIS in 2007.

Since 2011 GESIS offers a limited number of EUROLAB grants for individual researchers. Furthermore, the EUROLAB offers support for individual researchers and research groups who want to work at the EUROLAB in Cologne with own funding, e.g. during sabbaticals or research fellowships, or within specific research projects. Since October 2016, EUROLAB is part of the newly established department “Knowledge Transfer” at GESIS.

Based on its success story as research lab at the GESIS location in Cologne, the EUROLAB activities were expanded to whole GESIS in 2017 now also serving as a gateway to research visits at GESIS, both in Cologne and Mannheim. In addition a new grant scheme – the GESIS grants were implemented to foster collaborations between the world wide scientific community and GESIS staff. 

Since its establishment in 1996, EUROLAB has hosted 405 researchers from more than thirty countries around the world for more than 6900 days. So far, EUROLAB’s visitors published more than 110 books , articles and conference papers on the basis of their research carried out during their stay at the EUROLAB. Furthermore, four authors’ conferences have been carried out.

For further information on the EUROLAB, please see the Annual Reports below.

EUROLAB Activities & Annual Reports

The reports that follow highlight the wide-ranging activities of the EUROLAB, GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, during the last couple of years.

Address & Journey

The EUROLAB is located at GESIS in the center of Cologne near Cologne Cathedral at Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8, 50667 Cologne. For detailed information on how to get there, please see here.