The overviews of the surveys with different focusses will help you to find the matching data among a multitude of studies for you.

Migration-related research

This focus of the data provides data on the topics migration decisions, integration in host societies and attitudes toward immigrants and ethnic minorities. (more)

Documentation of Longitudinal Studies into the Education System

The documentation contains further information on altogether 40 longitudinal and quasi-longitudinal studies into the education system. (more)

Overview of Comparative Surveys Worldwide

The following chronological overview1 of cross-national comparative survey projects focuses on sample surveys among individuals or (private) households framing total (adult) national populations.(more)

Data from GDR and the New Federal States

The main focus of the data lies on empirical social research studies from the GDR, on studies from the official radio and television audience research, and on studies originating from the scientific following of social change in the New Federal States. (more)

The Hurwitz Collection

The survey program of Prof. Dr. Harold Hurwitz contains data and documentation of the surveys concerning the public of West-Berlin from Cold War to Détente 1952-1981. (more)