Social Indicators

Products of GESIS in the area of social indicators are the Social Indicators Information Service (ISI), which is published twice a year and a database on Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe, which provides basic information about national and supranational social monitoring and reporting activities.

Former products of GESIS, the German System of Social Indicators, the European System of Social Indicators and the online information system SIMon – Social Indicators Monitor will not be updated any more. General information about the indicator systems is still available. The existing time series data are included in Historical Statistics (histat) of GESIS.

The conference series "Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe" is hosted at FORS.

The former Social Indicators Research Centre (ZSi) was directed by Dr. Heinz-Herbert Noll. Lists of publications (105 KB), presentations (133 KB), conferences (53 KB) and research activities (390 KB) are available.