Phase 3: Data collection

Are you conducting a survey? We offer consulting and comprehensive service with expert knowledge based on our own national and multicultural surveys.

Once the planning phase of a survey has been completed, the next phase involves collecting and preparing the research data. Our experience with methodologically exacting national and international survey programs, where we have either directly conducted the survey ourselves or participated in joint projects is a natural component of the services we offer


Support in every process stage of developing instruments


Collecting primary data within a probability-based omnibus access panel free of charge


Collection of items and scales for the social sciences


for measurement of psychological constructions

Best-Practice Data Collection: Surveys by GESIS

  • ALLBUS: Die Allgemeine Bevölkerungsumfrage – The German General Social Survey
  • GLES: The German Longitudinal Election Study is the largest long-term German election study.
  • PIAAC: The Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies of the OECD measures adult skill levels across 30 countries.
  • ISSP: The International Social Survey Programme; social science relevant topics from 47 countries.
  • EVS: The European Values Study describes value change in 47 countries.
  • ESS: The European Social Survey is a social science survey examining the social and political attitudes of citizens in 30 European countries