Occupation Coding

Occupation is one of the pivotal variables in demographic research. Open responses are coded using differentiated and standardized classification schemes (various ISCO versions (1968 (52 KB), 1988 (144 KB), 2008) - International Standard Classification of Occupation - and KldB (1975,1988, 1992 (464 KB), and 2010) - classification of the Federal Statistical Office and the Employment Office).

Due to the particularities and exceptions in surveys and the experiences made in this context an extensive guide was created in addition to the originally defined classification scheme which is used as the foundation for coding in the GESIS context. The “Occupational Coding Manual (2.4 MB)” contains all the details, lists, and data needed by coding staff.

To the extent that it is possible and appropriate coding is conducted in a computer-assisted fashion. For this purpose, compatible dictionaries are available which are continuously updated and reviewed for accuracy.