The European User Conference for EU-LFS and EU-SILC

1st European User Conference


Mannheim, Germany, March 5-6, 2009


 Organized by

 German Microdata Lab, GESIS, in cooperation with Eurostat


The first European User Conference for EU-LFS and EU-SILC, which is organized by the German Microdata Lab, GESIS, in cooperation with Eurostat, will provide researchers who use these data with the opportunity to discuss their work and share their experience. In addition to fostering the discussion within the research community on both substantive and methodological issues, the conference offers researchers the opportunity to give feedback to the European Statistical System. It is important that the potential and limitations of EU-LFS and EU-SILC are understood by researchers and, at the same time, that the needs of researchers become clear.Researchers of all disciplines who use either EU-LFS or EU-SILC micro data are encouraged to participate. Conference sessions will focus on education, labour market, income, poverty and methodological topics.

For further details, see full Conference Programme. (246 kB)

Registrations and Conference Fee: Registrations can be made via eu-microdata(at)gesis(dot)org. The conference fee is 120 Euros for participants (students: 90 Euros). The fee covers coffee breaks and conference dinner and lunch.

For any further questions please contact the local organizers of the conference: Christof Wolf (Christof.Wolf(at)gesis(dot)org) and Heike Wirth (Heike.Wirth(at)gesis(dot)org).


Abstracts and Presentations




Alperin, Maria Noel Pi
Dynamics of multidimensional poverty in EU countries
Abstract (15.27 kB)
Alphen, Stan van
The Benefits of Educational Expansion for Early School Leavers on the European Labour Market
Abstract (16.30 kB)
Presentation (154 kB)
Avram, Silvia
Impact of Social Assistance Schemes in Central and Eastern Europe
Abstract (17.25 kB)
Presentation (422 kB)
Berthoud, Richard et al.
Income distribution and redistribution across Europe: using EU-SILC in two complementary approaches
Abstract (16.68 kB)
Presentation (87 kB)
Bicakova, Alena
Gender Unemployment Gaps: Evidence from the New Member States approaches
Abstract (13.84 kB)
Presentation (272 kB)
Chzhen, Yekaterina
Decomposing Gender Wage Gaps across the Distribution in Europe: Including Allowance for Sample Selection Adjustment approaches
Abstract (14.44 kB)
Presentation (265 kB)
Consolini, Paolo and Gabriella Donatiello
Individual Poverty Risk And Household Income Patterns: A Comparison At European Level approaches
Abstract (16.79 kB)
Presentation (2.11 MB)
Discenza, Antonio R. et al.
Occupational transitions in Italy from 2004 to 2008. Evidences from longitudinal data from the Labour Force Survey approaches
Abstract (15.27 kB)
Presentation (185 kB)
Espelage, Frank and Laura Wahrig
EU-LFS and EU-SILC: legal, processing and dissemination aspects
Presentation (287 kB)
Ette, Andreas and Lenore Sauer
Measuring spatial mobility with the European Union Labour Force Survey: The case of intra-European migrants
Abstract (13.82 kB)
Gächter, August et al.
How well does education travel? Education and occupation with and without migration
Abstract (14.32 kB)
Presentation (87 kB)
Gebel, Michael and Johannes Giesecke
Labour Market Flexibility and Inequality: The Changing Skill-Based Temporary Employment and Unemployment Risks in Europe
Abstract (15.14 kB)
Presentation (241 kB)
Guio, Anne-Catherine et al.
Material Deprivation in the European Union: results and issues drawing from EU-SILC and Eurobarometer data
Abstract (17.03 kB)
Presentation (205 kB)
Heuberger, Richard
Housing and Social Exclusion: Considering Imputed Rents, Interest Repayments and Housing Costs for the Household Income in EU-SILC.
Abstract (13.12 kB)
Presentation (96 kB)
Kubiček, Martin and Martina Mysiková
Income Inequalities Within Couples In The Czech Republic And Selected European Countries
Abstract (19.05 kB)
Presentation (381 kB)
Lohmann, Henning
Measuring poverty and employment using EU-SILC: Differences between register and survey data
Abstract (13.02 kB)
Presentation (283 kB)
Maron, Leila and Danièle Meulders
The Parenthood Effect On Employment In Europe
Abstract (17.67 kB)
Presentation (1.22 MB)
Meulders, Danièle et al.
Individualisation of income and poverty risk: A comparative analysis in 24 European countries
Abstract (17.63 kB)
Presentation (270 kB)
Müller, Walter and Markus Klein
Educational Inequality in International Comparisons – How data aggregation produces artefacts.
Abstract (11.07 kB)
Presentation (315 kB)
Münnich, Ralf et al.
Accuracy of poverty indicators derived from EU-SILC
Abstract (12.65 kB)
Presentation (785 kB)
Niehues, Judith
Income Inequality Within and Between European Countries
Abstract (13.75 kB)
Presentation (166 kB)
Noll, Heinz-Herbert and Stefan Weick
Making Ends Meet? Income, Standards of Living and Subjective Assessments Across European Countries
Abstract (12.02 kB)
Presentation (279 kB)
O’Dorchai, Síle Do women gain or lose from becoming mothers? A comparative wage analysis in 25 European countries Abstract (21 kB)
Presentation (396 kB)
Pescarolo, Alessandra
Work Quality: comparing 6 European regions
Abstract (14.40 kB)
Presentation (168 kB)
Petrovici, Carmen D. and Ruud J. A. Muffels
Welfare state institutions and early retirement in Europe: A comparative analysis using EU-SILC
Abstract (15.66 kB)
Presentation (117 kB)
Radl, Jonas
Direct or Sequential Retirement? The Selectivity of Exit Pathways in Denmark, Germany, and Spain
Abstract (14.35 kB)
Presentation (681 kB)
Ramos, Alberto Veira
The role of occupational and socio-demographic determinants on the age of retirement in Spain.
Abstract (13.96 kB)
Presentation (157 kB)
Reimer, David et al.
Labor Market Effects of Field of Study in Comparative Perspective
Abstract (12.64 kB)
Presentation (104 kB)
Saczuk, Katarzyna and Pawel Strzelecki The impact of migration on the LFS data; The case of Poland Abstract (13.11 kB)
Presentation (264 kB)
Sierminska, Eva
The economic vulnerability of the elderly in a cross-national perspective: exploring the EU-SILC.
Abstract (19.25 kB)
Presentation (1.35 MB)
Till, Matthias et al.
Enlarging Small Domains: An Application of EU-SILC Regression Parameters to the LFS for Obtaining Disaggregated Poverty Estimates
Abstract (14.22 kB)
Presentation (182 kB)
Tohario, Luis and Virginia Hernanz
The unemployment and inactivity in UK, France and Spain: The treatment of overlap areas (grey areas).
Abstract (14.26 kB)
Whelan, Christopher T. and Bertrand Maître
Comparing Poverty Indicators in an Enlarged EU
Abstract (12.90 kB)
Presentation (67 kB)
Wirth, Heike and Christof Wolf
EU-LFS and EU-SILC: Official microdata for research purposes
Presentation (152 kB)
Wolf, Christof
1st European User Conference for EU-LFS and EU-SILC (Welcome)
Presentation (137 kB)

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