FORSbase and SMTlite: new tools for a new age

16. November 16, 2015, 15:30 h
Cologne, conference room Ost

Brian Kleiner, PhD


To be relevant and useful to research communities, infrastructures such as GESIS and FORS must use and provide tools that correspond closely to the needs of users and that facilitate their work.  FORS has developed two new tools along these lines: FORSbase and SMTlite. FORSbase 2.0, to be published in February 2016, is an archiving system and online platform allowing the deposit, documentation, preservation, and dissemination of research data, including private “workspaces” for research teams, a searchable project and data catalogue, and a personal messaging system.  SMTlite (Survey Management Tool) has been developed for survey questionnaire construction, translation, and documentation. This presentation will demonstrate the various features of these tools and show how they will serve to enhance research processes in a new age focused on speed of data and information flow and sharing.

About the speaker

 Brian Kleiner, PhD, is head of the Data and Research Information Services division at FORS in Lausanne. His primary responsibility at FORS is to oversee the gathering, preservation, documentation, dissemination, and promotion of research data from projects conducted in Switzerland.