Internet Data in the Social Sciences

October 27, 2015, 13:45 h
Cologne, Conference room Ost

Dr. Nikos Askitas


The internet plays a major role in socioeconomic life which is bound to become ever more important. More and more “markets” of all kinds, spanning from travel and entertainment to shopping and the marriage market to name but a few, either have an online component or in some cases exist almost exclusively online. This fact together with the digital underpinnings of the internet and the economics of ICT components imply that ever more data will become available covering a multitude of topics and discipline enabling new research and approaches but also new methodological and other challenges. We will discuss some examples from published and unpublished work to demonstrate the potential of the internet as a data source for social science.

About the speaker

Nikos Askitas is a mathematician and is currently Director of Data and Technology at the Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn Germany. He published papers in Topology and Knot Theory and his interests now span technology and its socioeconomic impact, forecasting, Evolutionary Game Theory and every aspect of data and empirical research with a focus on Social Science.