Party Facts: A new platform for collaborative data collection and a global mapping of party system evolution

Holger Döring
14. 06.2016 GESIS Köln (Konferenzraum Ost) 13:45 Uhr

We present Party Facts, a new approach to gather data about political parties in the world through collaborative online data collection. With Party Facts (, we provide a platform to map political parties from different data sources: mass level surveys, election results, cabinet lists and smaller data sources. Different to existing approaches, we aim at offering a platform to create an online almanac about political parties and to give an overview about existing datasets with information about parties. A new set of core parties is created by users based on initial information in existing datasets, available online information (eg. Wikipedia) and user additions. So far, we have integrated and harmonized information about political parties from some core data sources about political parties (EJPR-PDY, Manifesto project, ParlGov, CHES, CLEA). Party Facts does also provide an initial step towards a more systematic global assessment about the evolution of parties across the globe and time. In the presentation, we present an outline for a global mapping of the evolution of party systems and its challenges.

Zur Person
Dr. Holger Döring is a senior researcher in political science at the University of Bremen. His research and teaching interest focuses on political institutions and democratic delegation, party competition in
Western democracies and new types of data collection. He has established, a modern data infrastructure on parties, elections and cabinets.