1st EVS wave 1981 (ZA4438)

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Current dataset version: Release v3.0.0 as of November 2011,doi:10.4232/1.10791.
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The first EVS wave was carried out 1981 with the aim of explore the basic human values underlying European social and political institutions. The surveys were conducted in the then EU Member States, as well as the USA and Canada. Nationally representative samples were selected. The target number of interviews in each country was set at 1000, with an additional booster quota sample of 200 young adults aged 18-24. Personal interviews with standardized questionnaires were conducted between 1981 and 1984. The national datasets were combined into an international dataset including a total of 16 countries. There is also an overview of participating countries in the several EVS waves provided.

  • Study description: Information on origin and content of data, version history and errata, and direct access to the data.
  • Variable Report: Documentation of the Integrated Dataset with question texts of the English Master Questionnaire and frequency counts by country.
  • Measuring and Comparing Values in 16 Countries of the Western World: Documentation of the European Values Study 1981-1990 in Europe and North America, Loek Halman and Astrid Vloet, WORC report 94.11.001, November 1994. (PDF file can be downloaded here).
  • Field questionnaires (FQ) in all languages fielded in the respective country, including Show Cards.
  • EVS 1981-2008 Method Overview: Summarized information for all participating countries on origin and content of data.

Country Study-No.Field work periodSample sizeQuestionnaire
BelgiumZA443901-03-1981 - 31-05-1981  1145 FQ
CanadaZA44471982    1254 FQ
DenmarkZA444001-03-1981 - 31-05-1981  1182 FQ
FranceZA444101-03-1981 - 31-05-1981  1200 FQ
Germany WestZA444201-03-1981 - 31-05-1981  1305 FQ
Great BritainZA444301-03-1981 - 31-05-1981  1167 FQ
IcelandZA44451984    927 FQ
IrelandZA444401-03-1981 - 31-05-1981  1217 FQ
ItalyZA444601-03-1981 - 31-05-1981  1348 FQ
MaltaZA444811-1983 - 02-1984  467 FQ
NetherlandsZA444901-03-1981 - 31-05-1981  1221 FQ
Northern IrelandZA445001-03-1981 - 31-05-1981  312 FQ
Norway11-1982 - 12-1982  1051 -
SpainZA445101-03-1981 - 31-05-1981  2303 FQ
SwedenZA44991982    954FQ
USAZA445201-03-1982 - 31-03-1982  2325 FQ