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3rd EVS wave 1999 (ZA3811)

Latest news on this wave
Current dataset version of integrated dataset: Release v3.0.0 as of November 2011, doi:10.4232/1.10789
Documentation: as of September 2013.

Current dataset version of national datasets: Release v3; for an overview of the 33 countries/regions, click here
Documentation: as of June 2013.

For further information on data download, see Data Access

Building on the knowledge of the two previous waves, a new questionnaire was designed, taking into account various new issues which have emerged in several life spheres: solidarity, social capital, democracy, and work ethics. Representative multi-stage random samples of the adult population of the country 18 years old and older were drawn. Face-to-face interviews with a standardized questionnaire were conducted between 1999 and 2001. The surveys were carried out in 33 countries and combined in an Integrated Dataset. The national datasets  including additional country-specific variables are provided for national rather than multinational use. For an overview of participating countries in the several EVS waves, click here.

  • Study description: Information on origin and content of data, version history and errata, and direct access to the data.
  • Source book: Information on the Integrated Dataset with country-specific information on the national datasets.
  • Variable Report: Documentation of the Integrated Dataset with question texts of the English Master Questionnaire and frequency counts by country.
  • Study descriptions (SD): Information on origin and content of data, version history and errata, and direct access to the data.
  • Field questionnaires (FQ) in all languages fielded, including Show Cards.
  • Variable Reports [VR (EN)]: Documentation of the national datasets with question texts of the English master questionnaire and frequency counts.
  • Bilingual variable documentation [VR (BL)] facilitates a direct comparison of English master questions and original questions of field questionnaire. Show Cards from both English master question and country’s original question are included as well.
  • EVS 1981-2008 Method Overview: Summarized information for all participating countries on origin and content of data.

Country Study-No. Field work period Sample size FQ VR-neu VR-BL
Austria ZA3779 01-08-1999- 31-10-1999 1522 FQ VR EN/German
Belarus ZA3807 01-03-2000- 30-04-2000 1000 FQ VR EN/Russian
Belgium ZA3784 01-03-1999- 30-06-1999 1912 FQ VR EN/Dutch
Bulgaria ZA3799 01-06-1999- 31-07-1999 1000 FQ VR EN/Bulgarian
Croatia ZA3800 01-03-1999- 30-04-1999 1003 FQ VR EN/Croatian
Czech Republic ZA3795 01-03-1999- 31-05-1999 1908 FQ VR EN/Czech
Denmark  ZA3785 01-04-1999- 30-11-1999 1023 FQ VR EN/Danish
Estonia  ZA3791 01-10-1999- 31-10-1999 1005 FQ VR EN/Estonian
Finland  ZA3787 01-09-2000- 31-10-2000 1038 FQ VR  EN/Finnish
France  ZA3776 23-03-1999- 10-04-1999 1615 FQ VR EN/French
Germany West/East  ZA3778 01-10-1999- 31-12-1999 1037/ 999 FQ VR EN/German
Great Britain  ZA3777 01-10-1999- 30-11-1999 1000 FQ VR EN/GB-English
Greece ZA3801 01-03-1999- 30-06-1999 1142 FQ VR EN/Greece
Hungary ZA3797 01-11-1999- 31-12-1999 1000 FQ VR EN/Hungarian
Iceland ZA3788 01-06-1999- 31-12-1999 968 FQ VR EN/Icelandic
Ireland ZA3790 01-10-1999- 28-02-2000 1012 FQ VR EN/IE-English
Italy ZA3780 01-03-1999- 31-05-1999 2000 FQ VR EN/Italian
Latvia ZA3792 01-03-1999- 31-03-1999 1013 FQ VR EN/Latvian
Lithuania ZA3793 01-11-1999- 31-12-1999 1018 FQ VR EN/Lithuanian
Luxembourg ZA3804 01-07-1999- 31-10-1999 1211 FQ VR EN/Luxembourgish
Malta ZA3803 01-03-1999- 31-05-1999 1002 FQ VR EN/Maltese
Netherlands ZA3783 01-03-1999- 31-08-1999 1003 FQ VR EN/Dutch
Northern Ireland ZA3789 01-07-1999- 30-11-1999 1000 FQ VR EN/NIR-English
Poland ZA3794 01-02-1999- 31-03-1999 1095 FQ VR EN/Polish
Portugal ZA3782 01-10-1999- 31-12-1999 1000 FQ VR EN/Portuguese
Romania ZA3798 01-07-1999- 31-07-1999 1146 FQ VR EN/Romanian
Russia ZA3802 01-04-1999- 30-06-1999 2500 FQ VR EN/Russian
Slovakia/ Slovak Republic ZA3796 01-06-1999- 31-07-1999 1331 FQ VR EN/Slovakian
Slovenia ZA3805 01-10-1999- 31-10-1999 1006 FQ VR EN/Slovenian
Spain ZA3781 01-03-1999- 30-04-1999 1200 FQ VR EN/Spanish
Sweden ZA3786 15-11-1999- 13-02-2000 1015 FQ VR EN/Swedish
Turkey ZA3808 01-09-2001- 01-10-2001 1206 FQ VR EN/Turkish
Ukraine ZA3806 01-12-1999- 31-12-1999 1195 FQ VR EN/Ukrainian