Joint EVS/WVS 2017-2021 Dataset

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Update of the Joint EVS/WVS-Dataset v1.1.0 (2021-01-26)

The identical versions of data and documentation of the Joint EVS/WVS are accessible through different channels:

Documentation: as of 2021-01-26

For further information on data download, see Data Access

The European Value Study (EVS) and the World Value Survey (WVS) are two large-scale, cross-national and longitudinal survey research programs. They include a large number of questions, which have been replicated since the early eighties.

In line with the Memorandum of Understanding, both organizations agreed to cooperate in joint data collection from 2017. EVS has been responsible for planning and conducting surveys in European countries, using the EVS questionnaire and EVS methodological guidelines. WVSA has been responsible for planning and conducting surveys in countries in the world outside Europe, using the WVS questionnaire and WVS methodological guidelines. Four countries (Germany, Romania, Russia, and Serbia) conducted surveys in both waves EVS 2017 and WVS7.

Both organisations developed their draft questionnaires independently. The joint items define the Common Core of both questionnaires. They are marked in yellow in the two Master Questionnaires (EVS2017 MQ and WVS7 MQ).

The EVS archive (GESIS-DAS) has been responsible for data archiving and data processing of the European surveys. The WVS archive (JDS Madrid) has been responsible for data archiving and data processing for the non-European surveys including the WVS surveys conducted in Germany, Romania, Russia, and Serbia. Based on the Common EVS/EVS Dictionary agreed by EVS and WVS the Joint EVS/WVS 2017-2021 dataset (Joint EVS/WVS) has been constructed in close collaboration.

The first version Joint EVS/WVS includes data and documentation of altogether 79 countries and territories: 34 from the EVS 2017, 49 from the WVS7. Four of these countries conducted surveys in both waves EVS and WVS.


Composition of the Joint EVS/WVS

Survey period2017-20202017-20202017-2020
Number of waveJoint EVS/WVS wave5th wave 2017-20207th wave 2017-2020
Number of cases127,35856,49170,867
Countries and territories793449


The Joint EVS/WVS is constructed from the two EVS and WVS source datasets:

  • EVS (2020): European Values Study 2017: Integrated Dataset (EVS 2017). GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA7500 Data file Version 4.0.0, doi:10.4232/1.13560.
  • WVS: Haerpfer, C., Inglehart, R., Moreno,A., Welzel,C., Kizilova,K., Diez-Medrano J., M. Lagos, P. Norris, E. Ponarin & B. Puranen et al. (eds.). 2021. World Values Survey: Round Seven–Country-Pooled Datafile. Madrid, Spain & Vienna, Austria: JD Systems Institute & WVSA Secretariat. doi: 10.14281/18241.10.

The identical version of the Joint EVS/WVS is accessible through two data service points:

  • EVS/GESIS: via the GESIS Data Collection at GESIS- Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
  • WVSA: via the website of the WVS.


Access to data and documentation via the GESIS Data Collection:

  • The study description provides information on origin and content of data, version history, and direct access to the
    Joint EVS/WVS (ZA7505) dataset (updated dataset version v1.1.0 - 2021-01-26).
    For further information on data download, see Data Access.
  • Citation for data downloaded from the GESIS Data Collection:
    • EVS/WVS (2021). European Values Study and World Values Survey: Joint EVS/WVS 2017-2021 Dataset (Joint EVS/WVS). GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA7505. Dataset Version 1.1.0,


Errata & Version History

For information on Errata and Version History, please see:


Access to data and documentation via the WVS website:

  • The study description provides information on origin and content of data, version history, and direct access to the
    Joint EVS/WVS dataset.
  • Citation for data downloaded from the website of the WVS:
    • EVS/WVS (2021). European Values Study and World Values Survey: Joint EVS/WVS 2017-2021 Dataset (Joint EVS/WVS). Dataset Version 1.1.0, doi: 10.14281/18241.11.



Overview of documentation provided on the Joint EVS/WVS:


Methodological Information

Information on the Joint EVS/WVSCollaboration with WVSCooperation with EVS
Methodological informationMethodology EVS 2017Methodology
Data QualityData QualityData Quality
Field QuestionnairesParticipating CountriesParticipating Countries


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The Joint EVS/WVS includes data from 79 countries and territories:

Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong SAR, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan ROC, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Vietnam, Zimbabwe

The tables provide information on Fieldwork period, Mode of data collection, Sample size, and Languages fielded.

CountryEVS2017 or WVS7Fieldwork periodMode of data collectionLanguages fielded
AlbaniaEVS24-02-2018 - 24-06-2018PAPIAlbanian, English
AndorraWVS01-06-2018 – 22-09-2018PAPICatalan, English, Spanish, French
ArgentinaWVS04-07-2017- 19-07-2017PAPISpanish
ArmeniaEVS20-02-2018 - 30-04-2018PAPIArmenian
AustraliaWVS06-04-2018 - 06-08-2018Mail / PostEnglish
AustriaEVS08-01-2018 - 14-05-2018CAPIGerman
AzerbaijanEVS10-11-2018 - 23-12-2018PAPIAzerbaijani, Russian
BangladeshWVS03-12-2018 – 24-12-2018PAPIBengali
BelarusEVS01-02-2018 - 05-03-2018PAPIRussian
BoliviaWVS18-01-2017 – 07-03-2017CAPISpanish
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEVS03-02-2019 - 14-06-2019CAPIBosnian, Croatian, Serbian
BrazilWVS15-05-2018 – 11-06-2018CAPIPortuguese
BulgariaEVS11-11-2017 - 09-01-2018PAPIBulgarian
ChileWVS06-01-2018 – 05-02-2018CAPISpanish
ChinaWVS07-07-2018 – 12-10-2018PAPIChinese
ColombiaWVS30-11-2018 – 22-12-2018CAPISpanish
CroatiaEVS25-10-2017 - 16-02-2018CAPICroatian
CyprusWVS13-05-2019 – 04-06-2019PAPIGreek, Turkish
CzechiaEVS17-09-2017 - 03-12-2017CAPI / PAPICzech
DenmarkEVS27-09-2017 - 31-01-2018CAPIDanish
11-12-2017 - 31-01-2018CAWI / Mail
EcuadorWVS24-01-2018 – 03-03-2018CAPISpanish
EgyptWVS22-06-2018 – 07-07-2018CAPIArabic
EstoniaEVS17-05-2018 - 12-09-2018CAPIEstonian, Russian
EthiopiaWVS06-02-2020 – 19-03-2020CAPIAmharic, Oromo, Tigris
FinlandEVS24-11-2017 - 10-07-2018CAPIFinnish
11-2017 - 06-2018CAWI / Mail
FranceEVS02-03-2018 - 16-08-2018CAPIFrench
GeorgiaEVS11-01-2018 - 18-03-2018CAPIGeorgian, Russian, Azerbaijan, Armenian
GermanyEVS23-10-2017 - 04-04-2018CAPIGerman
20-09-2018 - 28-11-2018CAWI
16-11-2017 - 20-03-2018Mail
WVS25-10-2017 - 31-03-2018CAPIGerman
Great BritainEVS12-02-2018 - 16-07-2018CAPIEnglish
GreeceWVS08-09-2017 - 16-10-2017PAPIGreek
GuatemalaWVS03-10-2019 - 25-02-2020CAPISpanish
Hong Kong SARWVS16-07-2018 - 11-11-2018PAPI / CAWICantonese, English, Putonghua
HungaryEVS24-02-2018 - 21-08-2018CAPIHungarian
IcelandEVS19-06-2017 - 28-03-2018CAPI / PAPIIcelandic, English
27-09-2017 - 04-04-2018CAWI / Mail
IndonesiaWVS01-06-2018 - 20-08-2018CAPIIndonesian
IranWVS24-03-2020 - 17-04-2020PAPIPersian
IraqWVS08-06-2018 - 28-06-2018CAPI / PAPIArabic
ItalyEVS24-09-2018 - 30-01-2019CAPIItalian
JapanWVS05-09-2019 - 26-09-2019Mail / PostJapanese
JordanWVS07-06-2018 - 14-06-2018CAPIArabic
KazakhstanWVS01-10-2018 - 30-11-2018PAPIKazakh, Russian
KyrgyzstanWVS05-12-2019 - 28-01-2020CAPIKirghiz, Russian
LebanonWVS04-06-2018 - 18-06-2018CAPIArabic
LithuaniaEVS08-12-2017 - 12-02-2018PAPILithuanian, Russian
Macau SARWVS03-10-2019 - 17-12-2019CAPIChinese
MalaysiaWVS05-04-2018 - 21-05-2018CAWI / CAPIMalay, Chinese
MexicoWVS18-01-2018 - 02-05-2018PAPISpanish
MontenegroEVS07-2019 - 12-2019CAPIMontenegrin
MyanmarWVS17-01-2020 - 03-03-2020CAPIBurmese
NetherlandsEVS31-08-2017 - 28-02-2018CAPIDutch
11-09-2017 - 30-01-2018CAWI
New ZealandWVS04-07-2019 - 21-02-2020Mail / PostEnglish
NicaraguaWVS30-11-2019 - 05-01-2020CAPISpanish
NigeriaWVS19-12-2017 - 26-01-2018CAPIHausa, Igbo, Yoruba
North MacedoniaEVS10-12-2018 - 28-03-2019PAPIMacedonian, Albanian
NorwayEVS22-08-2018 - 17-12-2018CAPI / CATINorwegian, English, Polish
PakistanWVS04-11-2018 - 11-12-2018CAPIUrdu
PeruWVS17-08-2018 - 09-09-2018PAPISpanish
PhilippinesWVS03-12-2019 - 09-12-2019PAPIBikol, Cebuano, Filipino, Ikolo, Tausug, Waray, Hiligaynon
PolandEVS17-11-2017 - 08-02-2018CAPIPolish
PortugalEVS11-01-2020 - 01-03-2020CAPIPortuguese
Puerto RicoWVS16-03-2018 - 27-10-2018PAPISpanish
RomaniaEVS03-02-2018 - 05-05-2018CAPIRomanian
 WVS30-11-2017 - 02-04-2018CAPIRomanian
RussiaEVS07-11-2017 - 25-12-2017CAPI / PAPIRussian
 WVS07-11-2017 - 29-12-2017CAPI / PAPIRussian
SerbiaEVS10-11-2018 - 21-12-2018PAPISerbian
 WVS20-05-2017 - 07-07-2017PAPISerbian
SlovakiaEVS26-09-2017 - 01-12-2017CAPISlovak, Hungarian
SloveniaEVS30-09-2017 - 23-12-2017CAPISlovenian
South KoreaWVS24-12-2017 - 16-01-2018CAPIKorean
SpainEVS28-11-2017 - 22-01-2018CAPISpanish
SwedenEVS27-09-2017 - 06-06-2018CAPISwedish
SwitzerlandEVS11-09-2017 - 22-02-2018CAPIGerman, French, Italian
15-09-2017 - 28-12-2017CAWI / Mail
30-09-2017 - 22-02-2018
Taiwan ROCWVS25-03-2019 - 16-06-2019CAPIChinese
TajikistanWVS08-01-2020 - 06-02-2020CAPITajik, Russian
ThailandWVS01-12-2017 - 26-02-2018PAPIThai
TunisiaWVS26-04-2019 - 20-05-2019CAPIArabic
TurkeyWVS31-03-2018 - 21-05-2018PAPITurkish
UkraineWVS25-07-2020 - 14-08-2020CAPIUkrainian, Russian
United StatesWVS28-04-2017 - 31-05-2017CAWI / CATIEnglish
VietnamWVS15-12-2019 - 21-01-2020CAPIVietnamese
ZimbabweWVS11-02-2020 - 23-03-2020CAPIEnglish, Shona, Ndebele