Longitudinal data Files 1981-2008

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Due to data security reasons, the EVS LdF is offered in two different versions:

  • EVS Longitudinal Data File 1981-2008, ZA4804, v.3.0.0 (2015-10-30), doi:10.4232/1.12253.
  • EVS Longitudinal Data File 1981-2008 (Restricted Use File), ZA5174, v.1.0.0 (2015-10-30), doi:10.4232/1.5174.

Documentation: as of 2015-12-21

For further information on data download, see Data Access

To facilitate time series analysis, the EVS Longitudinal data File 1981-2008 has been constructed from the four EVS waves covering almost 30 years. It includes 124 surveys conducted in 48 countries/regions. There is also an overview of participating countries in the several EVS waves provided.

Related to the current release of the EVS LdF, two approaches are combined: refined anonymization measures are applied to the data and appropriate ways of access to anonymized and sensitive data are implemented. As a result, the two versions of the EVS LdF 1981-2008 are made available through different access ways:

EVS LdF ZA4804 (SUF) 
This dataset version contains de facto anonymized data the Data Archive provides for download through the GESIS data catalogue. In order to prevent the identification of single respondents, specific information of the EVS 2008 surveys is aggregated into coarse categories providing users with less detailed information on respondent's residence and occupation.

EVS LdF ZA5174 (Restricted Use File)
This data file contains complete information, i.e. also data that could not be included in the SUF because of data protection concerns. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, its usage is subject to specific contractual regulations. The contract allowing for off-site access can be download here.

  • Study description: Information on origin and content of data, version history and errata, patches fixing data problems, and direct access to the data.
  • Variable Report: combines variable descriptions of the Longitudinal data File with question texts of the English master questionnaires of the four EVS waves.