Corona data

The coronavirus has a firm grip on the world and confronts us with a number of questions. How will Germany get through the corona crisis? What fears do people have? How informed does the population feel?

These and other questions can be answered with this collection of data. Further data on Corona and the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly being added and can be found via the GESIS search:

Some selected studies on Corona can be found here:

Trend questions Corona

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On behalf of the Press and Information Office of the German Federal Government, representative population surveys on the subject of the "Corona crisis" (COVID-19) are carried out regularly from calendar week 12/2020 onwards.

Science Barometer Corona Special

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The Corona Special Surveys include questions on cognitive attitudes such as informedness and the information behavior of respondents on corona and COVID-19 related topics from science and research.

GESIS Panel SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak

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Timely data on the effects of the corona crisis (COVID-19) on daily life in Germany.

Everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Three waves of an open online panel on everyday experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic (March to August 2020) in Germany.

Trust in State and Society during the Corona Crisis

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Survey on attitudes towards the state and trust in institutions, on actors and measures during the corona crisis (COVID-19), personal well-being and experiences during the corona crisis, and media use.

COVID-19 and Social Inequality (subset)

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Subset of the "COVID-19 and Social Inequality" dataset to examine whether the population is more likely to support measures under voluntary or forced implementation.

The pairfam COVID-19 survey

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Survey of pairfam anchor persons to examine the impact of COVID-19 on home life and personal relationships.

Young Germany during COVID-19

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The situation of young adults in Germany during the Coronavirus pandemic, especially their compliance with the restrictions and measurements and the youth’s individual motivations to comply.

Employees during Corona

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The study examines the personal situation and working conditions of employed persons in Germany in times of Corona, especially the situation in May 2020.

Corona Survey

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Participants were asked how their behavior changed during the crisis, how they felt, their threat perceptions, news consumption, trust in information sources, solidarity and attitudes toward vaccination, and more.

Eurobaromenter 93.1

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The Eurobarometer surveyed attitudes toward Corona measures in this wave.


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The 2020 wave questions of CILS4EU mainly revolve around the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on daily life.