The public of West-Berlin from Cold War to Detente

Until his retirement in 1988 Professor Harold Hurwitz taught at the department of Political Science; he conducted his research at the Central Institute for Social Science Research (Zentralinstitut für Sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung) of Berlin's Free University. The survey program, which he developed as a reaction to Khrushchev's ultimatum in 1958 for Berlin's Senate office, was at the core of this research for many years. The data and reports were guarded in his research archive during decades. The former Central Archive supported the task to make this collection accessable for further analysis.

The documents offering direct links to the data files were incorporated in a database in PDF format by Hans-Berthold Hohmann. Besides documents with information on the origines of the suvey program, reports, letters and confidential material were deposited at the State Archive in Berlin. The data and documentation of the surveys are available at GESIS on DVD.

Studies in the collection

The collection comprises 134 SPSS files, which provide access ampong other things to 157 surveys from 1952 until 1981. They were done by different institutes alway with a focus on Berlin.

The following autobiographical article (in German) provides an entry point to the rich information provided by this collection:

  • Harold Hurwitz, Wie es dazu kam: Meine Sammlung von Primärdaten und Dokumenten zur Politik in Berlin nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg. In Memoriam Heinz Fanselau (1935-2001) als Dank für langjährige Förderung – ZA-Information 56, 2005 (247 kB) (PDF-Datei)

Terms of use:

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Data access:

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  • The collection comprises data (SPSS files), research documents and context information (PDF File).

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