Documentation of Longitudinal Studies into the Education System

Dokumentation der Längsschnittforschung im Bildungsbereich

The project "Dokumentation der Längsschnittforschung im Bildungsbereich" (Documentation of Longitudinal Studies into the Education System) was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and completed by the University of Erfurt / Chair for Empirical Education Research. The project was under the direction of Prof. Dr. Horst Weishaupt.

The CD-ROM contains searchable study descriptions and further information on altogether 40 longitudinal and quasi-longitudinal studies into the education system.

Subject areas

The studies, which contain relevant information on education trajectories and factors which influence education processes, were organized into the following subject areas:

  • Childhood/youth and family
  • School research
  • Higher education research
  • Qualification and occupation
  • Continuing education/adult studies
  • Omnibus surveys

Project report

 Claudia Schmidt / Horst Weishaupt: Documentation of Longitudinal Studies into the Education System, Erfurt, June 2004 (128 kB) (PDF)

Search options

Search of the study descriptions is enabled via the index function in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The CD-ROM contains instructions on the search via the index using Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 as well as software to install Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.

The documentation comprises information on the following categories:

  • Type of study
  • Primary data collector
  • Survey waves
  • Survey periods
  • Survey region
  • Sample
  • Mode of administration
  • Project description
  • List of variables
  • Key publications
  • Data access
  • Documents

Data access

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