Polls of the Federal Government commissioned by the Press and Information Office (Federal Press Office)

The Press and Information Office of the Federal Government informs the general public as well as the media about the work of the Federal Government. Furthermore, the Office informs the Federal Government about the general state of affairs in Germany and the world.

The opinion research department of the Federal Press Office has the task to investigate and to document public opinion for the work of the Federal Government. For this task the department commissions on opinions, attitudes, and moods of the general public concerning current political issues, topics, and projects. Certain political areas and specific target groups are the basis for special studies. Opinion polls are an important aid for decision making of the Federal Government, because they reflect problems and activities which are of higher concern to the general public. Furthermore, they are an instrument for evaluating the release of political information.

Since 2015 the Federal Press Office providces access to the named opinion polls and report via GESIS.

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