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Basic Knowledge for Social Sciences

Do you have questions or are you looking for information about the planning and data collection of social science empirical studies? You will find what you are looking for here! In our social science basic knowledge, GESIS experts have compiled helpful information on planning and conducting social science surveys, selecting suitable survey instruments, as well as on evaluation and documentation, and much more. Further and more in-depth information on social science research can be found in our GESIS Blog. Stay informed about GESIS news with our newsletter "gesis-report".

Basic social science knowledge - comprehensibly explained

The technical articles, expert discussions and presentations deal with topics that are frequently requested in our everyday consulting work and are therefore deliberately designed to be practice-oriented. With this basic knowledge, we would like to support you in conducting a social science research project according to the latest scientific findings. The materials are also suitable for use in teaching.

In the GESIS Survey Guidelines you will find "best practices" on common questions that arise when planning and conducting a survey. The practice-oriented texts are based on the latest findings in social science research. They are peer-reviewed and also suitable for teaching.

In our lecture series "Meet the Experts" you will get first-hand in-depth insights into different procedures and methods of empirical social science research. You can follow the expert lectures live and have the opportunity to participate in the discussion. The recordings of the lectures are then permanently available on YouTube.