Consulting on study planning and data collection

We consult individually in the following areas: Contact
Project design creation Project consulting hotline
Survey instruments evaluation / questionnaire design evaluation Dr. Timo Lenzner
Intercultural studies planning and conduction PD Dr. Michael Braun
Questionnaires translation Dr. Dorothée Behr
Sample design Dr. Matthias Sand
Weighting Dr. Matthias Sand
Non-probability samples Dr. Matthias Sand
Research data management Dr. Anja Perry
Interviewer training Dr. Henning Silber
Survey quality assurance (field control, etc.) Dr. Henning Silber
Studies planning with trace data from social media Dr. Katrin Weller
Planning of own digital behavioral data surveys with web tracking and sensors Dr. Johann Schaible / Dr. Sebastian Stier
Validated measuring instruments (items, scales, tests) ZIS hotline
Socio-structural characteristics measurement (national and international) Dr. Verena Ortmanns