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Call for Submissions

Scales for survey research for the topic "Digitalization in the Covid-19 Pandemic"

Open Science thrives on sharing research Open Access!

With ZIS, the Open Access repository for measurement instruments, GESIS makes more than 290 validated survey instruments (i.e., scales)  available to the research community. All scales are citable by a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and available free of charge for non-commercial research purposes

We are currently seeking scales for ZIS that are suitable for investigating research questions around the topic of "Digitalization in the Covid-19 Pandemic." 

The acceleration of digitalization in work, education, and family due to the Covid-19 pandemic raises many research questions: How do people experience digital collaboration or digital social exchange? What effects does the relocation of different areas of life from analog to digital show on emotions and behavior? What opportunities and risks does greater digitalization offer society? What skills do people have in dealing with digital technologies? 

In order to investigate such and similar research questions, researchers need empirically tested and accessible scales that make the experience as well as the effects of digitalization measurable in the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We therefore ask researchers, who have developed such scales, to make them available to the research community in ZIS. If you would like to publish your scale in a peer-reviewed journal first, you may be interested in submitting to the GESIS open access journal Measurement Instruments in the Social Sciences (MISS) with BMC/Springer Nature as publisher. All instruments published in MISS will also appear in ZIS to further increase their accessibility and visibility.  

How to publish scales in ZIS?  

  1. Document the scale according to the ZIS documentation guidelines in English or German,
  2. Submit via our submission portal and get feedback in less than four weeks! 

For more details on publishing in ZIS, please visit 

For questions, please contact

We are looking forward to your submissions!

Dr. Isabelle Schmidt and Dr. Clemens Lechner