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Socio-structural characteristics

Social structural characteristics are recorded in practically every social science survey. They allow insight into how respondents are embedded in the social structure of society and how their behavior, experiences and attitudes are influenced by it.

Social structural characteristics can also explain how social structures change and how they relate to different areas of our world-such as the labor market, health, the environment, and politics. In addition, they are used to study behavioral and attitudinal differences between different social groups (e.g., men and women, young and old). Social structural characteristics are also of central importance for GESIS social structure research.

Based on many years of research experience, our experts provide you with competent and comprehensive advice on the use of socio-structural characteristics in your social science survey. We offer useful information on the measurement of socio-structural characteristics and provide application-oriented advice on suitable survey instruments, coding, and harmonization across samples or studies. This is particularly relevant for international comparisons.

Focus of our Consulting Services on Socio-structural Characteristics

  • Measurement of education, especially in cross-national surveys
  • Measurement of socio-cultural background

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