Analysis of Sensitive Data

Analysis of Sensitive Data

GESIS invites researchers to apply for an onsite research visit in our offices in Cologne or Mannheim to benefit from the wide range of GESIS services. In our safe rooms, our Secure Data Center and the German Microdata Lab offer the possibility of analyzing disclosive data subject to special access requirements and restrictions.

Safe Room GESIS Mannheim

GESIS is part of the International Data Access Network (IDAN) project which started in 2018. One node is the GESIS site in Mannheim, where a Safe Room is available for remote access to various confidential data:
The Research Data Centre (FDZ) of the Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research - Germany
Secure Access Data Center (CASD) – France
Statistics Netherlands (CBS) – Netherlands
We are working on data access to other IDAN partners.

To the safe room

Secure Data Center GESIS Cologne

The Secure Data Center (SDC) grants the opportunity for use of disclosive research data subject to special access requirements and restrictions, e.g. for reasons of data sensitivity. The SDC offers controlled access to disclosive data such as on-site access in the safe room in Cologne or off-site on condition users honor precise security requirements.

To the Secure Data Center