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The same substantive concepts are often measured with different instruments across different surveys; often as single-question instruments which differ in question wording or their response scales. QuestionLink thus provides recoding scripts with which measurement instruments for selected concepts can be made comparable. QuestionLink offers such scripts for all measurement instruments that the surveys listed below have used to measure the selected concepts. The focus of QuestionLink thereby lies on latent constructs, such as interest, attitudes, subjective evaluations, or values.

QuestionLink includes German measurement instruments from the following survey programs:

Harmonized constructs


2023 R package based on the QuestionLink Engine (644 kB)

Methodology and technological information

QuestionLink is currently a BETA version: The recoding scripts are already reliable, of course. However, the user interface will most likely change in the near future based on community feedback. If you have feedback, do not hesitate to contact us!

Development and Funding

QuestionLink was developed in the context of our integrated survey and data infrastructure (IEDI). QuestionLink recieves additional funding from the German Research Foundation DFG (project number 442494171) within

KonsortSWD as part of the (German) National Research Data Intrastructure (NFDI).