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General Health

This is the QuestionLink page for the harmonized construct "General Health".

On this page, you will find:

  • A construct definition, which we used to select measurement instruments from the survey programs.
  • An overview of all measurement instruments for the construct across included surveys and across all survey years.
  • A list of all measurement instruments with their question wording, response options, and information on where the instrument was used. Here you can select any instrument as a reference instrument and download a recoding document. This way you can recode all other instruments towards that reference instrument.

You can also download the political interest construct report with detailled information on the construct definition, the datasets we used, and the variable names by instrument, survey, and wave.

Construct definition

We harmonized self-report instruments for respondents' general health. These instruments capture the subjective perceptions of respondents regarding their health. The wording was very general and did not emphasize specific aspects of health.

Overview of all measurement instruments

Poltical interest is used by seven of the surveys included in QuestionLink. In total we harmonized seven German measurement instruments. Please note that some instruments are used by several surveys and some surveys use several different measurement instruments.

QuestionLink surveys which measured the construct

Measurement instruments by survey and year

Measurement instruments are named by the following scheme:

  1. The survey in QuestionLink which first used the measurement instrument.
  2. If there are several measurement instruments which were used first by the same survey, then instruments are differentiated with A, B, C, etc.. Letters are sorted by the number of years an instrument it was used in, starting with A for the most used.
  3. [x]pt for the number of response options (i.e., scale points).

The measurement instrument ALLBUS A 5pt for example was first used in the ALLBUS survey. Of both surveys first used in the ALLBUS, it was used in the most number of years (thus "A"). Lastly, it has five response options / scale points (thus "5pt").

The measurement instrument ESS 4pt, in contrast is the only instrument first used in the ESS. Thus it has no additional letter.

List of measurement instruments

Here are the seven measurement instruments for political interest, which were harmonized using the QuestionLink Engine.

With a click on "➔ use as reference instrument" you choose a reference instrument. This will download an HTML-Document, which contains recoding scripts to harmonize all other measurement instruments towards the chosen reference.

SOEP 5pt

SOEP (27)

How would you describe your current health?

Very good • Good • Satisfactory • Poor • Bad

➔ use as reference instrument

ESS 5pt

ESS (9) — EVS (2)

"How is your health in general? Would you say it is…"

Very good • Good • Fair • Bad • Very bad

➔ use as reference instrument

GEDA 5pt

GEDA (9) — GESIS Panel (1)

How is your state of health in general?

Very good • Good • Average • Poor • Very Poor

➔ use as reference instrument

NEPS 5pt

NEPS (10)

How would you generally describe your state of health?

Very good • Good • Average • Poor • Very Poor

➔ use as reference instrument


ALLBUS (8) — GESIS Panel (1)

"How would you describe your health in general?"

Very good • Good • Satisfactory • Not that good • Bad

➔ use as reference instrument

ISSP 5pt

ISSP (6)

In general, would you say your health is…

Excellent • Very good • Good • Fair • Poor

➔ use as reference instrument



How would you describe your health in general?

Excellent • Very good • Good • Satisfactory • Not that good • Bad

➔ use as reference instrument

Recoding document revisions

We are steadily improving QuestionLink. This means that we will upload revised versions of the recoding documents from time to time. By clicking "use as reference instrument", you always download the most recent version. Below you find the link with which you can view and download all past document versions. If you have previously downloaded a document, you can match the versions via the date displayed top and right in your recoding document. Revisions are limited to visual and language aspects. When we update the recoding tables themselves, we will report that specifically.