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Suryey Methods Consulting for Data Analysis

In order to obtain adequate answers to your research questions, the data must be prepared and processed in line with your research questions. Our GESIS experts will be happy to advise you on this process. Our consulting services include the calculation of design and adjustment weights for a suitable estimate for the target population, the imputation of missing values, and the handling of non-response bias. If you use different data sources for comparison, harmonisation of socio-structural or content variables is unavoidable. Here, too, you can count on our consulting expertise.

Basic Knowledge

We have compiled various sets of information and hands-on guidelines on frequently occurring consulting topics. These already answer many questions that may arise when planning a study and collecting data. You can find this information under Basic Knowledge.

Consulting fees

Our consulting services in the form of 'helping you to help yourself' are free of charge. Additionally, we are happy to support you with more in-depth services, which are fee-based. You will find further information in our pricing overview (74 kB).

Learn more about our Consulting Services

We provide consulting services regarding weighting, imputation of missing values, and nonresponse analysis.

We provide consulting services regarding the harmonisation of substantive variables that have been measured with different instruments.

Here, you can access our form for consulting services. With this form, you can quickly and easily request individual advice from our experts.