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We help you calculate selection probabilities in the context of complex sample designs to determine design weights. Furthermore, we support you in the calculation of so-called calibration or adjustment weights to reduce the bias of the estimate caused by non-response.

Weighting is a measure used in statistical data analysis to adjust the sample to the population under investigation. This is necessary when

  • the potential bias due to different selection probabilities can be avoided or reduced (design weighting),
  • the reduction of potential bias due to non-response is aimed at (adjustment weighting or calibration), or
  • a subsequent stratification and reduction of variance can be achieved by adjusting to parameters of the population.

A "weight" is thus a multiplicative factor that can be used for any analysis of a survey data set with the aim of obtaining an unbiased or less biased estimator for the population.

Consultation Fee

For our expertise, there is an expense allowance of 80 euros per hour. We will be happy to make you an offer.