GESIS Publications

Publishing research means issuing the scientific community’s latest results and insights for discussion. Our researchers not only publish in reputable journals and for well-known publishing houses, but GESIS also publishes independent journals and a series of user-oriented publications.

GESIS journals include the latest contributions in the various areas 

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GESIS Papers: Contributions to data (method reports, bibliographies) and methods


The online journal Survey Methods: Insights from the Field, jointly published by FORS and GESIS, promotes the exchange on practice-oriented questions and developments in survey research.


In cooperation with BMC/Springer Nature, the GESIS Open Access journal Measurement Instruments for the Social Sciences (MISS) publishes peer-reviewed measurement instruments.


Our Center of Excellence Women and Science CEWS offers with its CEWS Publications a scientifically sound, comprehensive and up-to-date range of information on the topic "Gender Equality in Science and Research".