Phase 1: Research

The first step in any research project is to search information on the current status of research and on related survey data and further information. We offer proven, highest quality, interlinked information.

Our research data, survey instruments, publications and other information can be retrieved via an integrated GESIS-wide search across all GESIS databases. You will also be shown links between content items so that you can directly see, for example, suitable publications on research data found. The GESIS-wide search is accessible via the search slot on every GESIS page.

In order to give you quick and easy access, we have listed our offers below for common research tasks.

GESIS Search: Find more than 6.000 studies in the GESIS data archive 

da|ra: All registered data in our data registration agency

histat:Long time series on population, education and economy for the Federal Republic of Germany since 1950

Data with special preparation can be found in our Research Data Centers ALLBUS, International Survey Programs, PIAAC and Elections

SSOAR: Open Access Repositorywith full texts for downloading and self-publishing

Library: Special Collection on Empirical Social Research and Applied Computer Science

ZIS: Tested social science items and scales

Pretest database: Access to the findings of our cognitive pretests

MISSY: Comprehensive metadata on German and EU official microdata and instruments for data analysis.

Our Research Data Center German Microdata Lab will be happy to help you.

Consulting: Support on the research design as a whole and on specific aspects of your study

GESIS Survey Guidelines: Brief hands-on texts related to our consulting topics

Items & Scales: Validated and documented survey instruments

Cognitive Pretesting: Consultation and support in optimizing survey questions

Sampling: Advice on the development of sample designs