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Consulting on computational social science methods and digital behavioral data

Digital behavioral data is a new focus area of GESIS. We support researchers in using this new and genuinely digital data for their work. On our pages you can already find a variety of materials for teaching and self-learning (Computational Social Science Capacity Building). In addition, we offer consulting services tailored to your individual research project.

Individual consulting on research with digital behavioral data using computational social science methods: Our consulting includes the areas of collecting digital behavioral data (of both "designed data" − e.g., via smartphones, web tracking, data donations − and "web data" − e.g. from social media or other platforms via APIs or crawling), of analysis methods (e.g., text mining, data science and machine learning methods) and research study designs. In addition, we advise on the linking of digital behavioral data with other types of data and are also available for more general questions about the influence of algorithms on social structures and processes.

Costs: Short consultations are generally free of charge for the scientific community. We are also happy to support you with more in-depth services which are charged. In the case of a charged service, you will always receive a written offer in advance.

Request: Please e-mail us if you have a request. Information on data protection at GESIS can be found here.

Basic knowledge and hands-on information for successfully using digital behavioral data in social science research.

Collection of tutorials, notebooks and talks on computational social science and digital behavioral data.

"Meet the Experts!" – GESIS talk series on digital behavioral data and computational social science.