We offer advice and support in all phases of the research data cycle. These range from particularly intensive project consulting for the planning and implementation of a survey project to support in research and selection of suitable data.  We provide consulting services in all phases of the research data cycle and on the following topics:

We consult individually in the following areas:Contact
Project design creationProject consulting hotline
Survey instruments evaluation / questionnaire design evaluationDr. Timo Lenzner
Intercultural studies planning and conductionPD Dr. Michael Braun
Questionnaires translationDr. Dorothée Behr
Sample designDr. Matthias Sand
WeightingDr. Matthias Sand
Non-probability samplesDr. Matthias Sand
Research data managementJonas Recker
Interviewer trainingDr. Henning Silber
Survey quality assurance (field control, etc.)Dr. Henning Silber
Studies planning with trace data from social mediaDr. Katrin Weller
Planning of own digital behavioural data surveys with web tracking and sensorsDr. Johann Schaible / Dr. Sebastian Stier
Validated measuring instruments (items, scales, tests)ZIS hotline
Socio-structural characteristics measurement (national and international)Dr. Verena Ortmanns
We consult individually in the following areas:Contact
Suitable data for your research questionData Services
International dataRDC International Survey Programs
Election dataRDC Elections
GESIS Panel dataGESIS Panel team
Access to microcensus dataDr. Heike Wirth
Access to European official data  Dr. Heike Wirth
Best practices for collecting existing digital behavioral dataArnim Bleier / Dimitar Dimitrov 
We consult individually in the following areas:Contact
Processing and documentation of your dataData Services
Ex-post content variables harmonizationDr. Ranjit Singh
Socio-structural variables processing and analysisDr. Silke Schneider, Dr. Verena Ortmanns
Datasets cumulation and integrationData Services
Linking with context dataData Services
Microcensus data processing and analysisHeike Wirth
European official data processing and analysisHeike Wirth
ALLBUS data processing and analysisRDC ALLBUS
ISSP data processing and analysisISSP Data Services
EVS data processing and analysisEVS Data Services
CSES data processing and analysisCSES Data Services
Eurobarometer data processing and analysisEurobarometer Data Services
GLES data processing and analysisGLES team
Politbarometer data processing and analysisMonika Langhans
Election data processing and analysisRDC Elections
GESIS Panel data processing and analysisGESIS Panel
PIAAC data processing and analysisRDC PIAAC
Web data processing and automatic annotationDimitar Dimitrov, Fabian Flöck 
Processing of sensor-based digital behavioral dataJohann Schaible 
Web and survey data linkingKatarina Boland, Sebastian Stier
Linking of sensor-based digital behavioral data and survey dataJohann Schaible, Felix Bensmann
Questions on notebooks and browser-based analysisArnim Bleier 
Protected data analysisSecure Data Center
We consult individually in the following areas:Contact
Data archiving and publicationData Services
Repository maintenance and certification (CoreTrustSeal, data and publications)Jonas Recker
Research data managementData Services
Digital data archivingKatrin Weller 
Survey data registrationBrigitte Hausstein
Open accessAgathe Gebert
Copyright, rights of subsequent use, and secondary exploitation of publicationsAgathe Gebert
We consult individually in the following areas:Contact
Research data FAIRnessPeter Mutschke 
Research data infrastructures and portalsClaus-Peter Klas 
User-centred design of research data infrastructuresDagmar Kern
Search and retrievalDaniel Hienert / Philipp Mayr 
Information servicesPhilipp Mayr
Repository maintenance and certification (CoreTrustSeal, data, and publications)Jonas Recker