Consulting on research methodology

Hotline Projektberatung


Our experts provide advice on questions related to methodology in the planning and implementation of studies. Taking into account the goal and given resources of a survey, e.g. time and financial restrictions, we work together with you to develop suitable methodological solutions for your scientific survey project. The aim is to obtain the best possible data quality. 

You can benefit from our support throughout the course of a project. We provide consulting both on the research design as a whole and on specific aspects of your study, such as on developing the questionnaire or the scales, on translation (for cross-cultural comparative surveys), on executing pretests or increasing sample coverage. 

You can find brief hands-on texts related to our consulting topics in the GESIS Survey Guidelines. They clearly present the best practices based on the current state of knowledge, and are freely available for downloading.

To whom do we provide consulting?

Scholars can take advantage of our free advisory service on methodology, if they are carrying out

  • projects funded by scientific institutions or third-party organizations at universities and publicly financed research institutes,
  • research projects in institutions maintained by the Federal Government and the Länder or other public institutions.

We offer fee-based consulting to other projects, providing we have the capacity to do so.

Please note that, as a publicly funded institution, we cannot assist with any project which is part of the acquisition of an academic qualification (e.g. Bachelor's and Master's or doctoral theses). Please consult our Survey Guidelines for questions related to methods.


How do we carry out consulting?

Depending on the scope of the assignment, we provide consulting either by e-mail, telephone or in a personal meeting at the GESIS offices in Mannheim.

Please contact us as early as possible so that we can plan consulting to fit in with your project schedule. If it is not possible to contact us in advance, consulting will be provided within two weeks of receiving your inquiry. In addition, we advise planning sufficient time for possible adjustments arising from consulting.