Standards, Guidelines and Quality Assurance for Gender Equality in Academia

Project information

The StaRQ project has the following objectives:

  • Analysis of the current state of research
  • Development of general and specific quality standards and guidelines for measures to promote gender equality
  • Provision of different (virtual and real) platforms for ongoing exchange between experts with regards to the quality assurance of gender equality measures

Work package 1: Survey and research overview

Literature review and systematization of existing standards

Work package 2: Data generation

Structured expert interviews and an online survey on the topic of quality standards for gender equality measures in the research system

Work package 3: Web crawl

Analysis of web data from websites of research institutions using big data processes

Work package 4: Integration and discussion of standards

Development of general and specific standards (for appointment guidelines, gender competence and mentoring) by means of an expert board and the Equality Labs

Work package 5: Face-to-face platform

Equality Labs: Meeting of gender equality experts, officers and gender researchers in order to (further) develop standards, exchange ideas and network on a continuous basis

Work package 6: Quality assurance portal

Database with selected good practice measures undertaken by German research institutions. Other information services, e.g. research summary, topic pages, overview of networks, measures at the federal and federal state level, audits and certifications.

Project duration: 1 September 2019 - 31 August 2022

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Funding reference: 01FP1901

Project team

Project leader: Dr. Nina Steinweg

Processed by: Lucas Jungbluth (until June 2021), Theresa Schumacher

Student assistant: Lisa Roland

Technical support: Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov, Wolfgang Otto and Oliver Hopt


Research area at GESIS:

Content: Data and Research on Society (DRS)

Technical support: Knowledge Technologies for the Social Sciences (KTS)



Funding number: 01FP1901

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