Eurobarometer Data Service

Eurobarometer question and variable retrieval

There are two options for searching the Eurobarometer question / variable base:

Option 1: Advanced field search for variables - ZACAT  [Step-by-step-guide (627 kB)]

Option 2: Full text search in questionnaires and variable reports - Qbase. This search is based on an extraction of the questionnaire and variable report PDFs.

Qbase: full text search in questionnaires and variable reports
  • Wildcard *:
    or *equality or *equalit*
  • Tense conflation ~:
  • Closeness of terms where both words or phrases appear in the same paragraph, i.e. PDF page ( // ), or within a specified number of words ( /n/ ) :
    democracy // satisf*
    democracy /10/ satisf*
  • Boolean Operators (relating to a complete document):
    and, or, not, xor
  • Further operators 

The result is shown in a new browser tab or window

Searchable question base

  • Standard EB variable reports / questionnaires include the variable reports (codebooks) or, if variable reports are not yet available, the basic questionnaires for ALL Standard & Special Eurobarometer and its predecessors. All documents are in English language. 
  • Standard EB basic questionnaires includes all basic (bilingual) questionnaires for Standard & Special Eurobarometer starting with survey 19/1983.
  • Central and Eastern Eurobarometer codebooks in English language
  • Candidate Countries Eurobarometer basic questionnaires in English language
  • FLASH Eurobarometer basic questionnaires in English language
  • ISSP codebooks can also be included in the search

Qbase HELP

Requirements for hit identification 

  • Browser configuration to open documents within your browser: Firefox -> Tools -> Options -> Applications -> Use Adobe Acrobat in Firefox. Adobe Acrobat plug-in is not deactivated.
  • Adobe Reader X requires the additional Search PDF Search Highlighter plug-in. When a PDF file then opens after a search, press Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar to go to the next hit and Ctrl+Shift+Backspace to go to the previous hit.
  • Sometimes it might be advisable to switch to another browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer).   
    Read detailed instructions.

Further notes

  • On request of the European Commission the questions for surveys or modules under embargo are not included.
  • Please note that the frequencies in the Eurobarometer variable reports (codebooks) are based on weighted data, if and as indicated for each individual table.
  • The original collectors of the data and the codebook producers (ICPSR, GESIS, SSD) bear no responsibility for the interpretation of the data.
  • Eurobarometer questionnaires are reproduced with the licencegranted by the European Commission, DG Information, Communication, Culture and Audiovisual Media, 200 rue da le Loi, B-1049 Brussels (© European Communities).