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CESSDA Technical Framework

Appendix to Metadata Harvesting Tool

Bearbeitung: Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen (DAS), Claus-Peter Klas (WTS)
Leitung: Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen (DAS)
Wissenschaftlicher Arbeitsbereich: Datenarchiv für Sozialwissenschaften (DAS)/ Wissenstechnologien für Sozialwissenschaften (WTS)


The key objective of this CESSDA project is to develop a Technical Framework for the CESSDA workplan activities. The Technical Framework consists of two components:

  • Technical architecture - to provide common standards to guide the design and implementation of interoperable products and services;
  • Development infrastructure - to provide a common set of tools, tests and code repositories to foster common development practices, raise standards across the SP community and ensure CESSDA has access to the source code, configuration files and technical documentation that underpin its products and services.



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The CESSDA Partners are

  • UKDA (lead)
  • NSD (NSD is leading the parent project on Metadata Harvesting.)
  • DANS
  • SND