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European Remote Access Network (ERAN)

A CESSDA Pathfinder Project to Fund Remote Access to Sensitive Data

Bearbeitung: Dr. Elizabeth Lea Bishop
Leitung: Dr. Elizabeth Lea Bishop
Wissenschaftlicher Arbeitsbereich: Dep. Data Archive for the Social Sciences (DAS), Team Data Linking and Data Security


This project is a Pathfinder Project with the aim of writing a funding proposal for funding to enhance and extend the infrastructure for secure remote access to research data. Such infrastructure should be modular, self-sufficient yet also ready for integration into a wider research data infrastructure. Previous work has proven the need to address both social and technical facets of infrastructure. Although the technical system has challenges such as finding agreed and trusted solutions, the primary challenge—and focus of this project—is social infrastructure. This ranges from negotiating agreements for data access and use across national and institutional boundaries, to training data experts in European data protection law and disclosure risk assessment and mitigation. The vision is of a secure infrastructure, one worthy of trust by data producers, data users, and the public.

To achieve this goal, representatives from several CESSDA and other partners will run a workshop, develop uses cases, engage researchers, and submit a funding proposal by March 2018 to the <link https: research openscience>European Open Science Cloud.

Deliverable: A funding proposal submitted to a call from the <link https: research openscience>European Open Science Cloud


1 November 2017 to 31 March 2018

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Five CESSDA members, UKDA, GESIS, DANS, FORS and ADP have agreed to collaborate.  Other partners, including IAB, will participate in the workshop.