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INOCOPI – International Non-Cognitive Skill Pilot

Investigating psychometric properties of non-cognitve skill scales across countries

Bearbeitung: Melanie Partsch
Leitung: Daniel Danner
Wissenschaftlicher Arbeitsbereich: Survey Design and Methodology (SDM)


In this project we are analyzing the psychometric properties of a module of non-cognitive skill scales to be assessed in international large-scale surveys. The aim of the project is to investigate the measurement invariance, reliability, and validity of these scales across a set of different countries and languages (English, German, Polish, French, Spanish, and Japanese). The following questions will guide the analyses of the data of this second pilot: Are non-cognitive skill scales measurement invariant across the investigated countries? How reliable are the scales in the investigated countries? How are the scales associated with other personality constructs? To what extent can the non-cognitive skills scales incrementally predict outcome variables?


April-August 2017

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