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Data access regulations

Some of the data in the EUROLAB have been provided by countries with different conditions for data access. Accordingly, national regulations have to be applied also within the EUROLAB.

Access to most of the data sets is not restricted. However, there are exceptions. Especially the access to the Scandinavian election data is restricted, i.e. usage requires a written permission from the national archive before you can work with them. These data sets are not accessible as long as you do not have the permission from the responsible archive. If you are planning to work with these data during your stay, you should contact the EUROLAB staff prior to arrival so we can arrange the permission.

Please inform the EUROLAB staff about the data files you are working on. At your departure you have to fill in a form, listing the data sets you have been using for analysis.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility as a researcher to ensure that you keep to the rules given for using data, i.e. sending copies of articles to national archives or institutions which are listed in the codebook, to inform about data sets used, that it is your own interpretation of the results etc. Such requirements are usually emphasised in the codebooks.

Detailed information can be obtained from the EUROLAB staff.