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Meet the Experts: Introduction to domain-specific data infrastructures DP-R|EX

Zeitraum: 13:00
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Dr. Alexander Jedinger, Marlene Hilgenstock, Pascal Kolkwitz-Anstötz


Research data infrastructures (RDI) address the information needs of researchers when searching for existing data and when dealing with data they have collected themselves. In the past, it has been shown that domain-specific services are particularly popular among research communities. One of the reasons lies in the preselection of relevant topical data and further helpful information, as studies are often described only in general terms and thus it is difficult to obtain detailed information easily. On the other hand, domain-specific RDIs can employ the terminologies used in the corresponding research to describe the contents and methods more profoundly. In this session, Alexander Jedinger (GESIS), Marlene Hilgenstock (GESIS), and Pascal Kolkwitz-Anstötz (GESIS) will give an overview of the claims and benefits of the BMBF-funded project “data portal for racism and right-wing extremism research: DP-R|EX”. In addition, they will provide insights in the development and use of an own integrated data explorer and outline the documentation standards (metadata) that have been developed to support the purposeful search of topical data.

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