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Meet the Experts: What do you know about your data? Metadata and PIDs at the GESIS Data Archive

Zeitraum: 13:00
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Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen, Dr. Jan Schwalbach, Kokila Jamwal 


The GESIS Data Archive provides a broad range of data. These data have been used by social scientists for a long time for observing societies and people. While the archive traditionally contains primarily surveys, other types of data have gained importance in recent years. This development poses challenges, for example, regarding  the technical processing of very large datasets, the integration of data from new and diverse sources such as web-tracking or smartphone app data, or data from interdisciplinary collaborations. In order to make this data available to users in a meaningful way, it is crucial to understand aspects such as study design, data collection methods, and data cleaning and coding procedures.

In this session, Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen, Jan Schwalbach, and Kokila Jamwal will give an overview of the metadata standards and procedures used at the archive for documentation. They will also cover current developments in this area, including extensions regarding digital behavioural data.

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