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Known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns about survey research.

3. April 2019, 10:30 Uhr

Mannheim, B2,8 (rechts)

Dr. Ineke Stoop


The key quality criteria of survey research have been extensively discussed, and there are many assumptions, or universal truths, about what makes a survey a good survey. A number of these assumptions will be presented and discussed. Key questions:

  • If these assumptions are correct, why don’t we always implement the good practices?
  • If they are possibly or sometimes true, how do we find out under what conditions they hold?
  • If they are not true, what is the alternative?

The presentation will give an overview of the many flaws of surveys, discuss alternative solutions and show why we will always need surveys.

About the Speaker

Ineke Stoop is Head of Methodology at The Netherlands Institute for Social Research¦SCP, a government agency which conducts research into the social aspects of all areas of government policy. She is also the Chair of the European Statistical Advisory Committee and Deputy Director Methodological of the European Social Survey.

Dr Stoop obtained her Ph.D. in social sciences from Utrecht University for a thesis on survey nonresponse. She has taught courses on nonresponse, survey design and comparative surveys, and has authored articles, chapters and books on the same topics. Recently she co-edited a monograph titled Advances in Comparative Survey Methodology.